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All of the coloring pages on our site are free and printable! BUT we ( still own the copyright for all free, printable content on this website ( For more information please visit our terms of use page.

We are a small outfit dedicated to stay at home moms, educational professionals - including homeschoolers, and day care operators. For a small fee you can purchase higher resolution images to distribute for non-commercial uses in our shop.

If you aren't finding what you are looking for try some of these great sites:

Ivy Joy's Coloring Page Search Engine: This is a cool way to search for only coloring sheets by theme. Lists the exact url of a coloring page.

Coloring Castle: Another free coloring page site that uses ORIGINAL graphics and available in pdf fortmat! Check it out!

Great for toddlers:

Fisher Price Shapes And Colors, fun, interactive learning of shapes and colors. Recites the color and shape, and works by touching any key on keyboard.

Elmo's Keyboard is fun for toddlers allowing them to learn the entire keyboard, ABCs, and numbers.

Who's at the door is fun for toddlers to hear the door bell and pick the right occupation!

If you would like higher resolution images for coloring we sell the coloring pages at 300 dpi in our store in collections. They start at $1.99 for a coloring book collection in .pdf format.

Perfect for homeschool activities!


If you would like to contact us about anything - questions or comments, please email info at



Other Things You Should Know

We don't require memberships to the content, but for a nominal fee you can get the high resolution, 300 dpi version in a collection of several coloring pages for download. This way you can use them over and over, and have your child look through the .pdf to view which pages to print.

These files are larger downloads even in a zipped format. crayon logo

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